1400m Week 2, Workout 2

Distance: 1400m
For this workout you need: Fins

Warm Up – 300m
1 x 200m
Swim front crawl.
▸ Alternate 50m relaxed and 50m strong swim.

1 x 100m
Alternate 50m front crawl and 50m another stroke or drill of your choice.

Main Set – 800m
6 x 50m
Swim min – max front crawl.
▸ Swim the first 25m with the lowest, then 25m with the highest possible stroke frequency.
▸ Rest 30s after each interval

6 x 50m
Swim front crawl.
▸ Focus on a streamline position with the least resistance possible.
▸ Rest 20s after each interval

4 x 50m
Swim 25m front crawl with your arms wide apart (big angle), then 25m with your arms almost crossing (narrow angle) and finally 50m normal.
▸ Try to find out which angle works best for you.
▸ Rest 20s after each interval

Cool Down – 300m
3 x 100m
Swim front crawl with fins.
▸ Focus on head position. Breathe every 3rd stroke.
▸ Rest 30s after each interval

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