1700m Week 2 Workout 3

Distance: 1700m
For this workout you need: Pull Buoy

Warm Up – 300m
2 x 100m
Swim 75m front crawl, then 25m fingertip drag drill.
▸ Rest 15s after each interval

1 x 100m
Swim front crawl with a 3 – 5 – 5 – 7 breathing pattern. Use a pull buoy.
▸ Breathe every 3rd stroke for 25m, then every 5th stroke for 50m, then every 7th stroke for 25m.

Main Set – 1200m
13 x 50m
Swim with extended arms and a steady kick. Alternate between front and back position of your body every 10m.
▸ You can use fins to make this exercise easier.
▸ Rest 20s after each interval

7 x 50m
Swim breaststroke with a steady front crawl kick (BAFL).
▸ Rest 20s after each interval

2 x 100m
Swim 25m kick only, then 75m full stroke.
▸ Rest 30s after each interval

Cool Down – 200m
1 x 200m
Choose your favorite drill for this exercise.
▸ Examples: fingertip drag, towfloat, superman

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