Here we go!

Today is the day that I move. I am relocating to my parents house before leaving for Basic Training. Packing up my place and taking off.


HOLY CRAP! I got the invitation! I mean, I was hoping and expecting this, but it still is exciting to get that validation! I’ve been working so hard, but this is really just the first step and is a big step. Now I have to get ready for the live audition. I have a lot… Continue reading Invitation!!

CD is on the way!

It’s out of my hands. Recording an audition CD has to be one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done. You are sending a representation of yourself that is bound to have some mistakes, it’s just a matter of determining which mistakes you are willing to let go. To think that you’ll make a… Continue reading CD is on the way!

Hmmmmm ……

Things aren’t going so great for me right now. I love my job but it’s becoming increasingly difficult and is VERY stressful. I have very little time for myself and it’s affecting my social life! The money is not great and there is very little room for growth, and the benefits…… what benefits??? I enjoy… Continue reading Hmmmmm ……