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Things aren’t going so great for me right now. I love my job but it’s becoming increasingly difficult and is VERY stressful. I have very little time for myself and it’s affecting my social life! The money is not great and there is very little room for growth, and the benefits…… what benefits??? I enjoy teaching, but it’s time to starting thinking about what is best for ME and MY future. I’ve done this for 7 years now and I think I’m ready for a change …

Well, here I sit alone in my apartment, checking out the Air Force Bands Career website. Staring at the open positions, wondering if I have what it takes to make it in one of the Air Force Bands. Do I have what it takes to professionally play at the level they want me to play at? Am I really willing to join the military? And, OMG, what about boot camp??!! I have to go to boot camp?????? But…. the benefits! Health care…. pay….. travel…… sounds like a great opportunity!

So, tonight I am making the commitment to audition for a spot. There’s no use wondering about all the possibilities if I don’t even have the skill to make it happen. Let’s give it a shot and worry about all the “what if’s” later (if necessary!).

Tonight I am sending an email to introduce myself and ask about the audition process. Tomorrow, I am going to start working up my audition tape. And practicing….. a lot 🙂

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