800m Week 1, Workout 1

Distance: 800m

For this workout you need: Snorkel

Warm Up – 200m

2 x 50m

Swim front crawl with a snorkel.

▸ Focus on a streamline position with the least resistance possible.

▸ Rest 20s after each interval

1 x 100m

Swim front crawl. Kick hard on the last 25m of each interval.

Main Set – 200m

4 x 50m

Swim front crawl.

▸ Kick as long as you can without breathing after pushing off, then transition into front crawl.

▸ Rest 20s after each interval

Time Trial – 200m

2 x 100m

Swim with sprint speed in this 100m time trial.

▸ You can log your time in the workout log.

▸ Rest 90s after each interval

Cool Down – 200m

4 x 50m

Swim 25m front crawl, then 25m a stroke of your choice.

▸ Rest 15s after each interval

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