Day 61/31 – to Winters, CA

Today, we rode fast.  I kept up with Mike and Alex and it was strange riding through my own stomping grounds.  I loved sharing these roads with my friends.  Everyone loved Davis, especially Mike P.  He was diggin’ the girls. Camp offered us a side trip to Berryessa Brewing for some beers and great food. … Read more

Day 58/28 – to Carson City, NV

So, it’s August 3 and the ride is over but I realized I neglected to blog the last few days….  ya know, too much time with friends and being sad about the trip ending.  So here we go….. time to play catch up What I remember most about our ride to Carson City is not … Read more

Day 57/27 – to Fallon, NV

Here I am in Fallon, NV.  48 miles today, which is the shortest day I’ve ever had with this group.  Still a long day, it was mostly flat except for one little climb at the beginning.  Our rest stop was Sand Mountain, really cool in the middle of nowhere: Sand Mountain is a Singing sand … Read more

Day 55/25 – to Austin, NV

I’m really excited to sleep in my hammock tonight.   The stars are going to be amazing. I am feeling much better today and the ride was great.  The first 40 miles were pretty much all downhill, then the climbing started … and it was brutal.  Long, steepish and HOT!  But that’s the same as … Read more