Day 33

  Day 33 Challenge: I’m so proud of you. Watch the video for your challenge. Workout Challenge: INSANITY: Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs

Day 32

Day 32 Challenge: Reflecting on yesterday, who you were when you began and who you are now, write a letter to yourself. Talk about your journey, your strength and pay yourself a compliment. Acknowledge this journey, at a minimum and the effort you’ve put in to living your best life. After you seal this letter… Continue reading Day 32

Day 31

If you’ve been to one of my live events, read my book or maybe you caught it on my Instagram story – I always talk about not just making it to the finish line but going through it and passing the baton to your NEXT self afterward. That’s where we are now. You have arrived.… Continue reading Day 31

Day 30

Congratulations! You did it! Congratulations on becoming a graduate of Living Your Best Life, your 30 day transformation! I want you to embrace and internalize this feeling that you have done it. Celebrate for a second but remember perfection is temporary but change is constant. Begin to think about what’s next for you. Take advantage… Continue reading Day 30

Day 29

Sometimes you need to humble yourself in order to learn. We are almost to the end of this part of your journey to think back to the beginning. You are smarter and stronger than you were when you first began. Challenges welcome awareness, moments of realization and new focus. Today is about reflecting upon those moments and… Continue reading Day 29

Day 28

Make it happen. These words are positive reinforcement to keep you going. At the end of this transformation, you have everything you need to go for it. Those barriers that have been holding you back, you will have pushed through. You will be an unstoppable force when you complete this challenge. Trust and believe in yourself. Day 28 Challenge:… Continue reading Day 28

Day 27

The majority of my workouts are mostly using body weight. I don’t use machines, I make them. You are a machine. When the going gets tough you do not rely on a machine you rely on yourself. Day 27 Challenge: Draw a diagram of your body and label each body part. Each body part is a… Continue reading Day 27