Living Your Best Life

Day 3

Living Your Best Life | Week 1 | Day 3 It takes one step to start a journey. It takes two steps to believe that you could do it.  It takes THREE steps to gain momentum. On day 3 of your journey, realize that you only have to do these three days 10 more times. …

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Day 2

Living Your Best Life | Week 1 | Day 2 Today is about visualizing and setting your goals. What are your individual goals for the next 30 days? The next 90 days? What are your goals for this year? Day 2 Challenge: For the remaining days of this course, I want you to write down at minimum, …

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Day 1

Living Your Best Life | Week 1 | Day 1 Today is YOUR day. Today is the first day. Are you ready? Nervous? Anxious? Excited? A little bit of each? I know. Trust — I am with you every step of the way to make sure you stay on track, focus on your goals and keep pushing …

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