Thank you, Italy!

Well, I’ve been home now for a few days and while my sleep schedule isn’t quite back to normal yet, I am ready to write a few words about my experience before I head out on another adventure (this time WITH Toby!) later today.  It’s been a whirlwind July and I’ve not quite wrapped my … Read more

The answer is always no …

… if you never ask. People are generally pretty cool, at least the people I’ve come across in life.  Doesn’t matter what they’ve achieved, how popular they are, what their rank is, they are still just the same as you and me. Last year, when I was getting ready to fly to VA to ride … Read more


Well, I guess this is why this is called an adventure. Tomorrow I fly home, hopefully with my bike Kip.  A couple of things happened today.  First, when I messaged the bike shop in Naples that was going to provide a box for me, they replied that they had no boxes but they would see … Read more

The road to Sorrento

So I’m not technically in Sorrento yet.  My hotel is a B&B and is in Vico Equense, which is along the Sorrento coast.  It’s so beautiful here! The ride in was very pleasant but the roads got narrower and the traffic more hectic.  Slow and steady was the key.   I’m not sure how I … Read more


Tonight I am in Caiazzo, Italy.  After last night’s non-adventure in a tiny country village, this is a real treat:  a city with stores and restaurants and people!!  I arrived at 1pm, realizing that I told the owners of the apartment that I’d arrive at 3pm.  So, I changed in the alley into some appropriate … Read more

Small Town, Italy

Well, I’m back on the road as I make my way over to the West Coast of Italy.  I’ll have a down day in Sorrento before hopping on a plane back to the real world. This whole experience has been amazing.  It’s the perfect balance of solo travel and spending time with family.  What I … Read more

io sono in Italia!

It’s been one week since the first full day of riding in Italy and since then, a lot has happened.  I’ve arrived in my family’s town of Porto San Giorgio and have been overwhelmed with feelings, family, food, wine and memorable experiences.   My cousins from Delaware arrived just a few days before me.  They … Read more

Learning Italian

Every time I have come to Italy, my trip always begins with “I’m gonna learn Italian” but then it never happens.  More pressing issues take priority and then before you know it, there you are in Italy and “Non capisco l’italiano. Mi dispiace” Google Translate has saved me countless times.  Pro tip:  you can download … Read more